We Innovate Science-Driven Solutions to Advance Health and Wellness

Science-Based Behavior Change. dfusion builds upon science-based behavior change models and learning theories to facilitate behavior change for health, prevention, and adherence. Current scientific research on effectiveness guides our development and adaptation of interventions for heightened relevance and impact.

Technology and Innovation. Our passion for innovation drives our unique applications of cutting edge and classic technologies to health and prevention. We deliver smartphone, tablet, and web apps designed to improve health outcomes and we are building on our knowledge of behavior, so you can be assured of the best user experience.


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We are a team of scientists and innovators that question the status quo. We are committed to making a difference in the health and well being of people across the lifespan. We solve problems others ignore. The results are products that people love to use.

Regina Firpo-Triplett

Regina Firpo-Triplett, MPH


Regina Firpo-Triplett, MPH, MCHES is an experienced health educator and behavioral scientist, specializing in youth, sexual and reproductive health, and evidence-based programming. She was the primary founder of dfusion. She has developed, trained to and evaluated science-based programs for youth and providers from a variety of settings including school, juvenile justice, community-based organizations, clinics, and homeless shelters throughout the United States. Regina has served as the Principal Investigator for six NIH funded studies focused on providing effective skills-based online/mobile training to prepare educators to lead evidence-based interventions – four of which were randomized controlled trials. She was instrumental in developing the Resource Center for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (ReCAPP) and an online BDI Logic Model course, which have been used by hundreds of thousands of educators and program planners in the U.S. and abroad. Regina directed Adaptation Guidance Projects for CDC and the Office of Adolescent Health and has shared her expertise in dozens of presentations and trainings/TA sessions. She earned her Masters of Public Health in School and Community Health Education at California State University, Northridge and her Bachelors of Science in Biology from Loyola Marymount University.

Tamara Kuhn

Tamara Kuhn, MA

Research Scientist & Vice President

Tamara Kuhn, MA is an experienced social scientist, programmer, and web developer who specializes in the design and programming of health and behavioral science-related technology. She has spent more than 15 years conceptualizing health related product development, and has been responsible for directing or programming technology-related projects for small businesses focused on delivering technological innovation in health and prevention. She has been instrumental in developing mobile apps (mhealth), responsive web sites, online education and training, clinical databases, large scale datasets, and data management systems. Tamara has served as the Principal Investigator or Co-Principal Investigator for more than 15 NIH funded studies focused on using technology to improve health outcomes through translational research. Additionally she has directed the technology development for more than 35 federally funded projects. She earned her Masters degree from Stanford University in Sociology.

Dr. Diana Dull Akers

Diana Dull Akers, PhD

Research Associate

Diana Dull Akers, PhD earned her doctorate in Sociology from the University of California, Santa Cruz. At UCSC and Sonoma State University, she taught courses in health and medicine, qualitative research, gender, aging and family. She was a Senior Research Associate at Sociometrics, a social and behavioral science firm, where she served as Principal Investigator for a number of federal SBIR projects in the areas of behavioral health and prevention. Dr. Dull Akers has since done writing and research projects for a hospital wellness program, as well as feature articles and blogs for start-up firms and publications focused on parenting and children’s literacy issues.

justine dacosta

Justine DaCosta

Project Coordinator

Justine DaCosta is dfusion’s Project Coordinator/Research Associate. After earning her Bachelor of Journalism degree from San Jose State, she worked as a reporter for more than a decade before going on to earn her Master of Public Health from the University of San Francisco. She has worked on coalition building for the San Francisco Department of Public Health, and promoted immunizations for the Oregon Health Authority.

lane edwards

Lane Edwards

Project Coordinator

Lane Edwards, MPH received her master's in maternal and child health from the Tulane School of Public Health. During her academic career, her studies focused on sexual health and LGBTQ health and wellness. She served as the events and communications chair of the Tulane Society of Gender and Sexual Health; in this role, she helped plan and execute sexual health education events and LGBT wellness programming. Lane also worked as a health education intern at the Santa Cruz Office of Public Health, where she assisted with data collection and analysis for a county traffic safety project and taught bicycle safety at community events.

Brittany Lucas

Brittany Lucas, MPH

Project Coordinator

Brittany Lucas, MPH is a health educator who works primarily on projects focused on sexual health and alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Brittany brings an incredible understanding of these topics and has applied this knowledge on projects designed for various special populations including Latino youth and parents, cognitive impaired youth, and care providers. Brittany holds a Masters in Public Health from San Jose State University.

Erica Marsh

Erica Marsh

Program & Operations Manager

Erica attends to all of the details that make dfusion run smoothly, from coordinating proposals and projects to performing management activities related to marketing, sales, production, personnel, contracts, and administrative and temporary staff. Erica holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from San Francisco State University, and has completed graduate work in library and information science at San Jose State University.

joshua alan valdez

Joshua Alan Valdez

Research Assistant

Joshua Alan Valdez is a current 4th year Neuroscience B.S. Latinx student at the University of California, Santa Cruz. The bulk of his experience in Public Health comes from volunteering for the Queen of the Valley Hospitals in Southern California and working for Kaiser Permanente of Baldwin Park's Neurology Department. He has completed a wide breadth of science courses at the university while also fulfilling MPH requirements as he aims to attend the University of California, Berkeley for his graduate degree. Under dfusion, Joshua has been tasked with assisting the research necessary for success of the Syringe Project and general progression of other projects when needed.

chris wilson

Chris Wilson

Project Director

Chris Wilson has spent more than 10 years working in public health. In addition to his role at dfusion, where he directs the 3T project working to create a mobile app to reduce HIV risk is adolescent Black men, he serves as an HIV/Sexual Health Trainer. Chris also worked as the Prevention and Care Program Manager at the Black AIDS Institute. Over the last 12 years, he has worked at the Gay-Straight Alliance Network, University of California, Los Angeles, and Los Angeles LGBT Center. He spent several of those years at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, where he served as a health educator and psycho-social case manager to HIV-positive youth. Chris earned a Bachelor's degree in biology and sociology from Wiley College of Marshall, Texas. He is planning to pursue his MPH.

dfusion staff

dfusion Staff

The people that help
make dfusion a success

dfusion has extraordinary staff and partners, including: Pamela Anderson, PhD, Senior Research Associate; Tamara Neff, Instructional Designer; Cori Kocher, Web Developer; Becca Gold Rubin, Graphic Designer; Seow Ling Ong, Research Associate; Gina Lepore, Research Associate; Heather Franks, Research Associate

The dfusion Board

Dr. Robert B. Keet, MD, FACP

Dr. Robert B. Keet, MD, FACP, Board Chair

Dignity Medical Group, Dominican Hospital

dfusion Board Chair Dr. Robert B. Keet, MD, FACP, serves as the President of Western Medical Associates, Inc. Dr. Keet has been Chief Medical Officer of Axolotl Corporation since 1998. He served as a Medical Director of Axolotl Corp. since November 1998. He served as medical director of the Haight Ashbury Free Medical Clinic. In 1985, he was instrumental in forming Physicians Medical Group Inc., an IPA of 160 physicians and served as its Medical Director from 1987 to 1997. In 1993, Dr. Keet helped form and served as Medical Director of Physician Services, Inc., an MSO that provides administrative services to the Santa Cruz community. In association with Kaneco Inc., Dr. Keet developed and implemented a corporate health education training program. He was voted one of twenty of the most influential people in healthcare and is an industry advisor for publications and conferences. In 1989, he published The Medical Marketplace, A Consumer's Guide to Health Care. Dr. Keet spent a year in a Bio-Medical Engineering Masters Program at the University of Vermont. Dr. Keet has practiced Internal Medicine and Geriatrics in California for more then 30 years, and he continues to do so.

Mike Cornelison

Mike Cornelison

CEO, ConsentiaHealth

Mike Cornelison is an experienced health care executive, consultant and entrepreneur. He has held several senior management positions at Fortune 100 companies including UnitedHealth Group and ING.

Since 2001, Mr. Cornelison has led ConsentiaHealth, a national consulting organization providing guidance and support to a wide array of clients including health plans, hospitals, large clinic organizations, health start up organizations, employer groups, aging services providers and nonprofit health organizations.

In 2008, Mr. Cornelison founded IHL Generations, an aging services company dedicated to empowering caregivers, seniors and adult disabled populations to more effectively meet independence goals.

Vignetta Charles

Vignetta Charles, PhD


Dr. Charles is the Chief Executive Officer of ETR, and prior to that was at AIDS United, where she served as Senior Vice President, guiding strategic programming for the organization. Prior to her work at AIDS United, Dr. Charles developed and rigorously evaluated innovative, theory- and evidence-based sexual and reproductive health and HIV prevention programs.

Dr. Charles served on the Presidential Advisory Council for HIV/AIDS; and is on the Board of Directors for the Center for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE) and the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS).

Cynthia Gomez

Cynthia A. Gomez, PhD

Professor Emerita in Health Education, Founding Director Health Equity Institute, San Francisco State University

Dr. Cynthia A. Gomez is the founding director of the Health Equity Institute at San Francisco State University. She previously served as co-director of the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies at the University of California at San Francisco and has been a leading scientist in HIV prevention research since 1991. Her work has focused primarily on gender, culture and sexual health, on the development of prevention interventions, and on the translation of science to community practice. Prior to her work in HIV, Dr. Gomez spent 12 years working in community health settings, including five years as director of a child and family mental health center in Boston. Gómez has been a health policy advisor for nearly 20 years. She was an appointed member to the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS under both WJ Clinton and GW Bush administrations


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Phase II Funding Awarded for 3T

dfusion has been awarded NIH funding to complete development of a mobile app delivered HIV prevention program for young black men who have sex with men

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Play ball! dfusion's Extra Innings app to teach kids about science and math using baseball is being tested at the MLB Youth Academy.

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